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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yes this amuses me

Every time I look at this scrumptious picture of Ree I think of that little cutie named "Boo" in the animated movie Monster's Inc.
Good gawd these little girls are cute. I could just eat them up with a spoon. Alrighty, off to clean up the wreckage that sweet 'lil Ro and Ree left in our kitchen tonight (hm, that's not so cute...).
Oh, and I finally got the girls' formal studio Easter portraits taken. (Ro had a massive black eye right before Easter so we were slightly delayed.) Is it too lame to post them now that Easter is done and gone? Probably. Never mind. Suffice it to say that we had 5 adults in the room working our tails off and making complete fools of ourselves to get Ro and Ree to stop crying and crack even one itty bitty grimace of a smile. We worked up a sweat, exhausted ourselves, and had to have immediate restorative chocolate afterwards. (I wish I were kidding.) Oh well, I *think* the studio will let us come back, and we've got nowhere to go but up next time around.