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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ok, I have questions, many questions

I hope you have answers for me, because my tired (oh so tired) gray matter can't figure out these greatest of life's mysteries. The subject matter is: Sesame Street What? You expected something loftier? More complex? More, um, important? Well let me tell you that show has become important to me. Why? I get to spend about 15 minutes a day cuddled up on the couch with my two sweethearts watching Sesame Street. And there is hardly anything better than sitting with my arms wrapped around those delicious toddlers, sneaking in chubberooni cheek kisses here and blissful head smelling there. Oh man, it rocks. Anyhow, now that I've explained why I'm watching, here are the things I'm puzzling over in between the kissing and smelling: - How do they get Big Bird's beak to move? I mean, there's obviously a person in there, right? And that person's two arms are inside the Big Bird costume's arms, so what's operating his beak? - And along those same lines, for the small puppetty things like Elmo and Grover, someone's hand is inside the body making the mouth open and close, I think, and probably moving the wires for one of those scrawny arms. So who's making the other arm move? Are there 2 people powering each puppet? Sounds kind of crowded. Do they just have a huge raised stage with tons of 2-man puppet teams grappling and stepping on each other's toes under there? - Does anyone else wonder why Bert and Ernie share a bedroom and have a portrait of themselves on the wall and take baths together? - Is it pronounced Ses-uh-may Street or Ses-uh-mee Street? I've said Ses-uh-may my entire life, but TubaDad claims it's the other way. This isn't the first pronunciation we've disagreed on, you can imagine the skirmishes in our Texas/California house over how to properly say the sacred word "pecan." - Did anyone else say "Awwww, he just looks so cute" when Sanjaya came on AI tonight? That boy needs to be in a sitcom or something, he's just darling. I know, I know, it's not Sesame Street-related, but I'm watching the finale right now and it just begged to be said. - And now, the Bonus Round Question: How many Sesame Street items have you and/or your children accumulated? I'm looking for the Blogland Record Holder here. Just for giggles, I'll have the dynamic duo track down all of their stuff tomorrow and post our number (it's probably higher than I expect, isn't it?). Alright it's bedtime for me. More earth-shattering issues to tackle tomorrow I'm sure. ;-)