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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We're ready for Texas, but is Texas ready for us?!

We'll be taking a quick trip to Dallas soon to attend a family wedding and also introduce the girls to the entire Texas clan in one fell swoop. This is going to be fun! I can't wait to see all 8 little cousins together in one spot. There's just one thing: I'm worried the girls will terrorize our fellow passengers (and us) on the flights out there and back. That's not an irrational fear, is it? They were sweet, funny, flirty little champs on the flights home from China. But I'm afraid they're a smidge more, uh, opinionated and vocal now. Plus the planes aren't big enough for us to get 4 seats together, so we've got 2 and 2. Sigh... So please put help me prepare and share your best travel tips with me. You know, the secret never-fail ones that you keep in your back pocket. Please... We have been doing a few things to get the girls prepped for Texas, by the way. Yesterday they enthusiastically chowed through a pile of messy, saucy, BBQ ribs and TubaDad also outfitted them with the cutest pink ostrich boots I've ever seen. Click the image below to see the finger-lickin' good rib pictures (with captions) and a few others including first marshmallow, first bandaid, first harvest from our little garden patch, and more: or you can also click here to see an auto slideshow without captions.