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Monday, May 28, 2007

A very merry Memorial Day

Whew, what a weekend. Well four days actually. Four days of smiles and friends. Happy anniversary TubaDad!Friday night we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary by going out to a delicious dinner while the folks babysat. I even wore a new dress and put on lipstick. Va va va voom, eh? Afterwards I needed some new camcorder tapes, so my honey escorted me to Walmart where he bought me a fab pair of $2.44 yellow daisy flipflops in addition to the tapes. Yeah he knows how to make me smile. Seriously. Love you TubaDad! Saturday we took the girls to Gymboree, then had lunch with the friends we've met there. We've started doing this every week and it is truly a highlight of my week. Such nice people. When we signed the girls up for this class I hoped they'd have fun with the other kids. I never knew we'd have fun with the other parents. Bonus! Sunday we had the pleasure of welcoming Kristi, Kenna, and Michal (plus best-friend K) to our house. It was cute pigtail overload. We had such a blast the time just sped by and now I'm really sad that they don't live closer. Ree must feel the same way, because she cried when they left. And Ro nods vigorously and says "yeah yeah yeah" whenever we say "did you guys have fun with Michal and Kenna?" Cute. Thank you new friends for a great day. We hope to see you again soon. Ro and Ree LOVED playing with Michal & KennaTubaDad breaks out the sticky bubbles and takes one for the teamPigtail overload -- cute times 4 Today (monday), we had decided on a last-minute jaunt to Phil's Fish Market and the Moss Landing beach. We invited a whole bunch of adventurous friends and happily they were up for the world-famous fish and chips and some beach time. Thanks for making our day guys! Good friends, good fish, happy kids playing together in the sand -- what more could we ask for? (Note that I have accomplished a great feat here: a picture where not one single child is looking at the camera. Yes I am quite skilled.) Phil's Fish Market (have you been?)Fun at Moss Landing All in all an enchanting four days. Now I have to go to sleep because having this much fun has nearly killed me. * This post and this Memorial Day weekend are dedicated to my Uncle Rea, who served in the military and was never happier than when spending time with family and friends.