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Monday, June 25, 2007

It's pahtay time! (get it? potty time?)

These girls are TOO MUCH! I nearly died laughing when they did this. They were outside playing their trumpets (when I say "playing" I mean blowing one cute little note over and over, you understand, right?), when suddenly Ro had to go. So I opened the babygate and let them run to the bathroom, each still clutching a trumpet. And the above picture is what they decided to do after I helped Ro climb onto her throne. Hey I guess it beats the heck out of reading "Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?" for the 28th time. Do I even need to mention the new world record I set sprinting back to the kitchen to get my camera? Side note: we're not actively potty training. Well at least we weren't. But Ro has apparently decided we are just too slow and now does the potty sign, points at the bathroom emphatically, and, if we're still not moving fast enough to suit her, starts making grunting noises. Sheesh. Fine kiddo, we get the picture. Ree really has little interest in potty training (which is fine with us), other than thinking it's party time anytime Ro heads to the bathroom. She squeals with joy, throws her hands in the air, and runs behind Ro yelling happily the whole time. It just kills me. Then she organizes all of the activities while Ro is, um, occupied. She gathers books, sets up the drawing pads and pens, makes sure I'm aware that we'll need the special "dog dog" wipes, and just thoroughly enjoys herself. I have managed to catch her at the right time every once in a while, making Friday the 22nd a day that will go down in history: it was the first day that I didn't change one single poopy diaper! Whoa! The dual bathroom trumpet playing, however, is pretty dang outrageous. It might even trump the 22nd for pure memorableness. Party on girls. *Note: we have one of those flip-up kid-sized toilet seats. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check them out now. You'll never have to clean out a potty chair again.