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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not the same girls they were yesterday

I swear these girls are growing faster than the weeds in our (sorely neglected) yard. Every morning they wake up a smidge changed from the day before. And they're learning new things so quickly I can't tell TubaDad about them fast enough. He pretty much comes home from work every night, sees them doing something new, and raises an eyebrow at me. Yep TubaDad, they're doing *that* now too. And no, I had nothing to do with it. I just tried not to get in the way. Here are a few candid moments from this week, including first big hairbows (!!! a huge step up from plain rubberbands), ecstatic dinner at Johnny Carino's where they polished off their plates then both of ours, musical highchairs, dancing through the kitchen (my fave), and drinking from a big-girl glass. View the pics all on one page, or view the auto slideshow (click "i" on the first slide if you want to turn on captions). And here's a quick "photo shoot" I did today just because I thought the girls looked so damn cute. View the pics all on one page, or view the auto slideshow (click the "i" for captions). Please vote for your favorite photo-shoot pic in the comments section, I'm going to order wallet-size pics of one of them and shamelessly mail them to everyone we know, whether they want them or not, heh heh. * Update on 7/13: woke up at 5am and no one else was awake to play with me, so I made a couple little collages of the pics. Kinda fun -- might need to order one of these for our hallway when we place the order for our flotilla of wallet-sized pics.