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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lil M is in da house

The girls have been cracking us up lately with their "accessory" choices. Purses, scarves, sunglasses, hats -- you name it, they've got an opinion as to when, where, and how. And they don the appropriate attitude to go along with their ensembles. Here's a little animation of Ro giving her sister "the eye," and Ree striking a pose: Rapper MX A couple other funnies from the weekend: - Ree furtively picked something off the floor and shoved it in her mouth. TubaDad quickly said "Ree! What's in your mouth?!" and she grinned saucily and said "Teef!" Little smarty pants. - Ro's new favorite number is Doooo (two). She heard me mention the word "cookie" and ran over to make sure she got some. I asked what kind she wanted and was nearly bowled over by the enthusiastic response of "PINK!" so I handed her a precious circus animal cookie. Then she raised her hands in the air like a tiny politician, extended both index fingers and stretched her mouth into a grimace as she yelled "Doooo!" Well you know I had to give her another one, right? - TubaDad gets the girls mixed up sometimes, and Friday evening he mistakenly said "Rosie, can you come over here" to Ree. So she walked over to him, stuck her head really close to his, and raised her eyebrows mockingly high as she thumped her little chest and said "Ree REE! Ree REE!" OMG, I nearly died. Ree tickles RoYeah they make us laugh. We sure do love these little characters. And, yes, we know that we are SO in for it when they're teenagers... PS: Thanks for all the fun votes on the pictures! We'll be making our final decision and mailing them out soon. Does anyone know of a service where you can upload the picture and your address book and have them print, stuff, and mail the letters for you? Wishful thinking?