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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do not, I repeat do not, buy these cookies

There is only one layer left and I bought this tub one day ago?!It's been a little tough around here this week and I have singlehandedly dusted almost the entire bucket of these tasty morsels. Ugh. Now my thighs and I know why you shouldn't buy shortbread "by the bucket." I think (and I hate to say this outloud in case I make it even more true), we've entered the terrible two's. Wahhh, just the thought of it makes ME feel like throwing a major tantrum. One of the girls (previously our bravest) has become clingier than saran wrap, and the other one is still adventurous and carefree but has become Tres Emotional about the littlest of things. I swear if I'm not carrying one little girl, I'm trying to figure out if the other one is sobbing because her piece of ice melted or the cat looked at her funny. I am weary. It'sJustAPhaseIt'sJustAPhaseIt'sJustAPhase has been the family mantra lately. I know they won't be velcroed to my leg or sobbing about not having ice in the sippy cups when they're heading to college. I do know that. But it's little consolation when we're smack in the middle of a "bad" day and still have hours to go until we can all joyously yell "Daddy! Home!" I don't mean to make it sound all bad -- it's not, by any means (as you can tell from the pictures). I just wanted to share that it's not all sunshine and lollipops all the time, and even cuter-than-cute twins, who you love more than anything in the world, can drive you to the brink. So for all my friends with two-year-olds right now, hang in there, make sure to schedule something fun just for yourself, and say it with me "It'sJustAPhaseIt'sJustAPhaseIt'sJustAPhase!" To end on a positive note, here are a few pictures of the girls enjoying life and making everyone around them smile (like they do most of the time). View them all on one page, or in a slideshow. And here's a quick video of the girls conquering a local park. I know Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jane will like this one: Enjoy your weekend everyone, and don't forget to eat a few mooncakes (symbolic of family unity and closeness) and check out the beautiful moon tonight in celebration of the Autumn Moon Festival. (*Update: Michele in the comments is right, the actual Moon Festival date isn't until the 25th, I guess it's just our local FCC that's celebrating tonight. Sorry! If you're going to the local FCC celebration though, we'll see you there!) PS: The girls shocked the heck out of me today. We were playing with our new foam letter blocks from Wela and (not expecting an answer) I held up the one with a "B" on it and said "B, Buh, B, Buh. The word Bobby starts with a letter B. Can you name any other words that start with the letter B?" But then Ree grinned and said "Baby!!!" and Ro squealed and said "BobBob" then "Baba!" Is that normal for this age? Beats me. No basis for comparison I guess, but it surprised me (I think I'm easily amused by these cool little girls though).