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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Did I say "I think" we've moved into the terrible two's?

Bwah ha ha! Excuse me while I scream with laughter at my naivete. Yes folks, there's no "thinking" about it any longer. We are absolutely, positively, without a doubt, smack dab in the terrible two's. Today we experienced a full-blown tantrum (a first for us) in the middle of the extremely crowded Valley Fair mall. I'm sure we were quite a hit with all the lookyloos -- I manhandled the "good" twin (who was merely being extremely naughty) into the stroller and took off as fast as I could, while TubaDad hogtied the melting-down twin and walk-trotted her toward the car as fast as he could go. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. After the girls' bedtime (ah sweet sweet bedtime), I wolfed down an entire scharffenberger milk chocolate bar and then took a bubblebath before my shoulders would even think about unclenching, and TubaDad collapsed onto the couch and watched some soothing golf on tv (that's his happy place). Ok, to be fair, we virtually set the girls up for failure today. We had them out a little late on Friday night, and then yesterday was the magical Autumn Moon festival and they stayed up late again. We had two tired little toddlers on our hands. So did we stick close to home, make sure they got lots of easy happy outdoor time, and have all our of meals in the quiet safety of our home today? No, no, and no. Looking back I can't believe we did this to ourselves. But it certainly was a good learning experience. Now we know exactly what not to do next time. Now, on to the good stuff. The No-Cal FCC Autumn Moon Festival was enchanting! We met up with a bunch of cool local folks for a fab Chinese dinner, then gathered at a nearby park where the kids laughed, played, and sampled mooncakes. We didn't think the girls would like all of them and tried to steer them toward the "tamer" ones, but Ro kept pointing to all different types and demanding cheekily "TRY!!" (her new favorite word) and Ree would nod and jump up and down. Both girls were so cute! Later everyone lit brightly colored lanterns and glowsticks and the kids paraded through the park, listened to a beautiful story, and ran around on the grass. We were astounded when Ro broke away from us, waving her little lightstick with abandon, and ran in circles with two other little girls, laughing with glee the whole time. She's never done anything like that and those laughing, dancing little girls were one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. It was like being out that late at night was so exciting to her that she just had to leap and play. Ree really enjoyed the night too, but she mostly preferred to experience the wonder from the safety of Daddy's arms. Fun time. All four of us smiled the whole way home. Getting ready for the Autumn Moon festival The girls LOVED running thru the dark park with their lightsticksHere are two pics from the festival (friend Jeff took the second one because my camera was dead). We think the girls look even more alike with their bangs pulled back, yikes! Can anyone tell which girl I'm holding?: Be still my heart! And do NOT ask what I paid for these.And here are the cutest toddler shoes in the universe! They're silver with grey suede insets and sassy little seaglass-blue and silver buttons (in case the online colors are screwed up). We got two pairs today for the girls and I can't help but grin every time I see them. TubaDad says they're going to need to get passed down to at least 2 other people to make them worth the price (heh heh), so if there are any twins out there wearing an 8-wide in a few months, just give a yell. ;-)