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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Can we have Halloween every week?

TubaDad came home from work tonight and said he was just shocked that I hadn't posted the Halloween pictures yet. Ha! Guess I'd better get it in gear. :-) Without further ado, here are ReeRee the bumblebee and Rosie the pretty pink posy, in their first-ever Halloween costumes. We think they're just the cutest little bee and flower ever, but it's possible that we may be a smidge biased: ReeRee the bumblebee and Rosie the pretty pink posy The girls were in love with Halloween. Practically giddy with the perfectness of the holiday. They roared with glee when we put on their costumes, danced around and flapped their arms, gobbled up hotdogs and chili at the neighborhood block party, RAN up to each house to knock on the door and say "twick o' tweet," and squeezed/hugged each piece of candy joyously till it practically dripped out of the wrapper. As far as Ro and Ree are concerned, we need to have Halloween every week. All day today we kept hearing "Mo twick tweet," "Mo knock peepee's does" (more knocking on people's doors), "Mo hah-daws" (more hotdogs), "Mo pop" (more lollipop), and of course "Mo chock!" (more chocolate). It was precious. I thought they might be shy, or hate their costumes, or be scared of all the people. Yeah, nope. Here are a few more pics from the girls' favorite day ever. View them all on one page or in a slideshow (click "i" on the first slide to turn on captions): Happy Halloween everyone! (PS: Even in the midst of fun, Ree didn't forget about the earthquake, she still refuses to get back in her crib, saying sadly "bed move" or "bed shake." It's a bummer. But she's more than willing to sleep in her Tootah bed (the pack and play), thank goodness, so we're just going with the flow. TubaDad had a good idea and said that if they don't get back in the cribs this might just be a good transition to toddler beds.)