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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh man, that was a big one (***Updated)

The house just shook with a massive earthquake that scared us to death. Everyone's ok, but the girls are still really freaked out. Ree wouldn't even get back in her crib. After sobbing for about a half an hour she finally demanded her "Tootah bed" (pack and play) and once we set it up laid right down. But we only have one so now Ro is screaming (out of jealousy, not fear) and TubaDad is on his way to Walmart to buy another one. It's going to be a long night... Pray there aren't any aftershocks... Is everyone else ok?

*** Update 10/31 9am: After finally getting the girls calmed down, they slept the rest of the night. We had what felt like 5 or 6 really small aftershocks, but nothing big enough to disturb the girls. We were so relieved, I don't even know what Ro and Ree would have done if their room had shaken again last night. Poor little Ree was still upset this morning though. She kept saying "Yellow Nanni scared" and pointing at her crib and saying "bed move." Ro seems to have shrugged it all off. We just keeping talking calmly about what happened and trying to casually move the focus to the fun Halloween activities. Speaking of which, cards came today from Wela and Grambob (see pic). And the girls are also having fun knocking on an imaginary door and saying "Twick Tweet!" while I put empty candy wrappers into their little bags. (Yes they're all wrappers from candy I ate. Ha, I'm heartless! Don't worry, they'll get some of the real stuff tonight.) Thanks for all the good wishes, I was really shaken up. This is the biggest quake I've been in since '89, and I was terrified that something would happen to the girls upstairs before I could get to them. Yeesh. Really changes your perspective having tiny little girls depending on you.