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Thursday, November 8, 2007

A new strategy

"Naptime," and I use the term extremely loosely, was such an utter nightmare today that we had were willing to do anything to avoid a repeat. In a herculean effort TubaDad and I dismantled the cribs, removed the pack-and-plays, put the mattresses on the floor, and took everything that wasn't bolted down out of the girls' bedroom. It looks like Cell Block Nine in there right now, including the rioting part, but (most importantly) for the first time in days we finally have a blessed absence of screaming during bedtime. After putting the girls to bed and crossing our fingers, we peeked on the video monitor and saw that they were chatting and sitting on the floor leaning up against the mattresses. They covered their feet with blankets and seemed to be telling stories to (or about?) their Nannies. Now, unfortunately, they're running around the room chasing each other. It's not even close to sleep. But guess I can live with it. At least they're laughing. And anything is better than Ree's terrified face and piteous moans. Anything. And there's still time for a fairly good night's sleep, so we'll see. Please think good thoughts. In the meantime, might as well put up a few pictures, since I won't be sleeping anytime soon. So: Ree slayed me this morning when she strutted out of the playroom wearing her plastic high heels and five (5!) purses. She is too much. And here are a couple of funny blooper photos from our trip to the Children's Museum today. All I had was my extremely slow purse camera, so when I tried to take a sweet photo of the girls in the bookroom, all I managed to get was Ree's backside as she turned and leaped through the playhouse window. Then when I tried to get a cute picture of her poking her head out and talking to Ro, all I captured was her spectacular headfirst leap back out. Ro and I were a little astonished. Have a nice night. I hope y'all get more sleep than we will.