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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The truth is funnier than fiction

The girls were (finally) quiet after bedtime last night when the baby monitor erupted with unholy screams and flashing red lights. TubaDad was the unlucky one chosen to see what had happened, so up the stairs he trudged, while I turned off the monitor and did some deep breathing. He came down laughing and relayed this conversation: TubaDad: Rosie, what happened? Why are you screaming? Ro (holding her head): Head hoat. ReeRee heet seepee. TubaDad: Ree, did you hit Ro in the head with your sippy? Ree (proudly thrusting her sippy cup into the air): Dis seepee! Ro (demandingly to Ree): Ree, saw-ee! Ree (making the sign for sorry): Saw-ee RoRo... TubaDad (trying not to laugh): Ok, girls, thank you for telling me what happened. Now it's time for bed. Good night. Hee!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three quick updates: * No progress on the girls' GI issues. All tests to date have come back negative and the experts say we can either move on to the really scary invasive tests, or just wait until the girls are fully potty trained when it will "most likely" resolve itself. Lovely. * After interviewing about 30 preschools/daycares/churches, most of which were knocked out after a few questions on the phone, I found a good one. I've walked away feeling positive after each of our three (lengthy) visits. Official start date is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Please think good thoughts, I'm really scared since Ro is having extreme stranger anxiety right now (last month it was Ree but they've once again switched who's Fearless vs. who's Clingy). * Ro is running a fever tonight so we gave her some of the coveted "peenk mem-ess" (medicine) while Ree screamed with jealousy. I cracked up when TubaDad soothed "If you get sick Ree, you can have medicine too" and then Ree hopped up and down and yelled "Ree, mo sick! Mo sick!" * Update: this post has only been up a few minutes and my mom already complained that there were no pictures. Ok, mom, here are a few photos to keep our favorite babysitter happy: Baskin Robbins taste-off, where Ro somehow convinced Ree to give her three of the bowls. Mint chip was the clear winner: Baskin Robbins taste off (how did Ro get 3?!) Ro flashes her "girl power" hand sign: 'Ro One of the girls' favorite things is to collect acorns at what is now called "Acorn Park." Ree thinks her acorns are the best: 'Ree Ree (left) and Ro think the new books from our friend Gray are awesome: Ree (left) and Ro enjoy awesome new books from our friend Gray Mmmm, dessert! (It comes with two, but one was just devoured): Mmmmm, dessert