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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We rarely give the girls juice. It's on the top of the GI-issues hit list. But every once in a while we give them a little treat, and they savor Every Single Drop. I can't keep a straight face when they do this, can you?:

(Yes, we were in the bathroom. It's a long story... Suffice it to say that Ree didn't really nap today so she had her juice treat earlier. And Ro is smart enough to understand "Pssst, I'm going to give you some juice, but your sister already had hers and I don't want her to scream, so let's go hide in the bathroom and drink it." Heh.)

Also, Ro's fever is on the rise. As usual, Ree is barely bothered by this cold, while Ro is down for the count. Her fever is so high right now that we're going in to their bedroom every hour to take her temperature. We don't even care if we wake them up, and in light of our current sleep issues that is saying A LOT. Please think good thoughts.

The last time I went in, I had to run back downstairs for my camera and TubaDad. He thought I was crazy pulling him away from Two and a Half Men, until he witnessed this cute scene:

Update one hour later: Just checked on the girls again and now they look like this:

So glad we got them the most comfortable mattresses in the store... Snort.

* Sorry the video's all herky jerky -- no idea what YouTube did to it. The original is perfectly smooth. Too tired to try to troubleshoot it though.