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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas card outtakes (take 1, take 2, take 37...)

My mom and I had fun getting the girls to pose for our Christmas card photo this year.

After shameless bribing, over-the-top cajoling, singing hideously off-key songs, some Seinfeld-esque dancing, and generally making complete fools of ourselves, we got both girls to look and smile. Victory!

You never know what you've captured until the disk is popped in the computer, but this time we actually got quite a few pics that made us grin. We would have been happy with any of these, since we think the girls are so dang adorable (yep, we're biased and in love, we gleefully admit it).

Here are the photos we didn't use for the card (the one we chose will be posted along with this year's requisite Santa's lap photo on Christmas day):

Christmas Card Outtake #1 Christmas Card Outtake #2 Christmas Card Outtake #3

And here's the transcript of our Christmas list-making session:
M3: Girls, is there anything special you'd like for Christmas?
Ree: Yellow "pop" (lollipop) tastes good.
Ro: Pink pop!
Ree: Daddy buy two pink pops!
Ro: Horsie. Pink horsie.
M3: I'm thinking Wela and Grambob will have to take care of that one. Anything else?
Ree: Yellow paydoh (playdoh).
Ro: Pink paydoh!
Ree: Two yellow paydoh and two pink paydoh
Ro: Pink Nanni needs pink pop.
Ree: Yellow Nanni needs two pink pops.
TubaDad: Anything to draw with?
Ro: A pink pen!
Ree: A pink pen, a yellow pen, a "boo" (blue) pen.
TubaDad: Do you need any clothes?
Ree: No "koze."
Ro: Yeah "koze," "boo" pants.
Ree: "Boobies!" (blueberries)
Ro: Mee moss wash (Mickey Mouse watch). Two "cock" (two o'clock).
M3: Do you want anyone to come visit for Christmas?
Ro: Ma Pa "beezut" (visit).
Ree: Pa Ma "beezit." And Tess! And Maisie!
TubaDad: Do you need any books?
Ree: No.
TubaDad: Would you like a computer like Mama's?
Ro: Yeah!!!
TubaDad: Who would you type to on it?
Ree: Saa Koz (Santa Clause)! Tess!
Ro: A pink sippy!
Ree: "Gode" (gold) sippy!

Well that's probably enough to keep Santa Claus busy... Hope you're all surviving the final mad dash for Christmas -- I've worked my mousing fingers to the bone ordering online presents any time the girls deign to sleep, and I'm getting so close to being finished I can taste it. Ho ho ho, bring on the christmas cookies!