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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The couch is calling my name

Too exhausted to blog. We moved from stomach flus to colds with bonus ear infections. Will my name forever be "mud" if I just post the pictures that have been piling up and run? View them all on one page or in a slideshow: Oh, and I can link to a quick vid too. Ro's favorite tv show is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (she calls it "MeeMoss"), while Ree's favorite show is (somewhat inexplicably) the cool one that Catherine told us about called Jon and Kate Plus Eight, where the couple have twins AND sextuplets (Ree calls it "Six Babies"). Here they are, jokingly arguing about their tv shows, staking their territory over one of the kitchen chairs and the turkey meat on the table, and then (my fave part at the end) nonchalantly apologizing after an accidental eye-poking: Love them! Now look out couch, 'cause here I come...