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Friday, December 21, 2007

Do you think there will be costumes?!

I am so excited right now, I'm sitting in the office all by myself grinning like a fool and watching the clock. The girls (and TubaDad and I) will be attending our first-ever preschool Christmas Breakfast Celebration this morning. Can you believe it? I dropped Ro and Ree off at preschool about an hour ago and the whole place was transformed into a Christmas wonderland. Everything was moved around and there are chairs all lined up like they might have the kids get up in front of everyone and sing or something. (squeal!) I was going to go shopping at Target or something to kill an hour before all of the parents were supposed to show up for the breakfast. But forget that! I burned rubber back home to get the video camera and am now impatiently waiting to squeeze my butt into a miniscule kid-sized chair and cheer and clap and gush love all over our pint-sized angels. (must remember to show some decorum...) Will post an update later, gotta run! Oh, and here's the quick self-timer shot I snapped this morning at breakfast after realizing that we all kinda had on Christmasy colors. At last, a family holiday pic! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update after the celebration: Be still my heart -- they had toddler singing!!! And little reindeer headbands. And a jolly old Santa handing out presents (our girls declined the lap, of course, but accepted their presents). Oh the video we have... I can't share it because I don't know how to blur out other kids in my movie program, but here's one little snapshot of our tiny reindeer babies "singing" Jingle Bells. Ok, they didn't sing so much as shake their adorable little arms and bell bracelets to the music. But I think they were the best dang little shakers in the whole room. This is the moment when they first spotted us in the audience -- Ree (in red) laughed, stuck her little tongue out, and shook her bells even more vigorously, and Ro (in pink) grinned and said "Mama! Daddy!" I nearly levitated out of my chair with glee. And here's TubaDad with his triumphant little reindeer. Is it just me or is glee oozing out of him too?