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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Jollydays to the whole wide world!

TubaDad is at the shopping mall with the girls right now, picking up "just one last present" (yes he is a brave, brave man). And I figured I'd better post the Christmas card picture while I can. The next two days will be a joyful blur of Christmas activities, cookies, presents, family, friends, and more cookies, and we probably won't go near a computer. The girls light up when the cookie plate is passed around the table, by the way. They put their tiny fingers on their cheeks, carefully deliberate over the choices for what seems like 10 minutes, all while saying their new phrase du jour "umm, ummmm, um!" and stealing glances at us to see if we're laughing. We are. Wishing you the merriest of merry holidays, from our family to yours. Here are our Christmas cards/pictures from the last few years. (click any pic to enlarge) 2007 (the girls are just over two-years old and although they love waving to Santa every chance they get, they are very clear that they still do NOT like sitting on his lap): 2006 (the girls were just over one-year old, and we'd been home from China with them for almost two months): 2005 (our last Christmas without the girls, but we did have the chocolate fountain to console ourselves): Amazing what a difference each exciting new year brings. Love to all.