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Monday, January 21, 2008

Dear Ree and Ro:

I know you both like the pink rainboots the best. And it warms the cockles of my heart when it's time to go outside on a wet day and whoever gets to the boots first always gives her sister one green and one pink boot while saying "One each!" It is so sweet that sometimes I can't breathe for a few seconds. And Ree, in case you're reading this when I'm old and wondering why my hair is completely gray, you took 10 years off my life tonight when I was changing Ro's diaper and you responded to the noise of the garage door by silently opening the previously unbreached baby gate (the one that 99% of the adults we know can't open), sneaking through the hallway, opening the door to the garage, running around the parked van, and proudly greeting your Daddy as he got out of his car. I know your Daddy was shaken up too. I've now installed babyproof covers and latches on every outside door and am going to attempt to recover with some chocolate and a big therapeutic glass of wine.

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