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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have I mentioned that my little brother is kinda athletic?

Not an athletic bone in my body, I've always been more the (cough cough) creative type. But I swear that boy can do anything, including whatever the heck he's doing in this amazing pic he emailed over today:

Love him.

One quick funny from the girls today: When Ree sprinted over to my computer chair and clambered up, I jokingly said "Whatcha doing honey? Are you going to blog?" Apparently Ro heard me because she screamed from the other room "I bog too! Peeeze!" Heh. Bog. I just might call it that from now on.

Only a few pics tonight because I have a tremendous need to be horizontal.
Rocking the boat as fast as they could Ro gets some ice for Ree this time (puts all of her muscle into it) Sweet Rosie and her camera Ree gives White Nanni a big bear hug 'They