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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The dolls in this house should get hazard pay

Other people might have babydolls, we have crash test dummies: Poor babydoll Oh well, they get compensated with delicious twin kisses and all the pretend orange juice they can drink. Lucky dolls! This is what the view out of our office looked like last nightOn a totally unrelated note, I got a couple of fun images last night just before going to sleep. The first one was a neat glimpse out of our office window. Saw it just as I was heading up the stairs and had to run back for the camera. It was an oddly framed peek at the neighbor's porchlight shining through the bushes and the raging storm -- made me think of that Hitchcock movie title "Rear Window" for some reason (although I really don't remember anything about the movie other than the title): Neat effect while trying to take a pic of the neighbors streetlightAnd the next one is of our other neighbor's street light. It was a handheld shot out of our window in the pouring rain, and the kind of curlique effect (aka shaky hands, haha) on the raindrops and the interesting way the single light looks like a whole bunch of multi-colored lights was what I liked. TubaDad probably thought I was crazy and the pictures are probably kind of weird (like me!), but I thought they were intriguing and had fun playing around with different settings on the camera. Update at 8:32pm: Ree and Ro are in the same room tonight (mostly they're in "sep-at wooms" (separate rooms) right now, which they love, but sometimes they ask for "same woom"), and I just heard Ro on the monitor saying "I YUVVVV you Ree!" and then Ree giggling and saying "I uv ooooooo Ro!" There's not a lick of sleeping going on in that room right now, but I don't think I've ever cared less.