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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm not ready to toddler-proof our entire house

Alrighty then, clearly we need a better, stronger baby gate. Dare I say "twin-proof"? Is there such a thing? If you have any recommendations for something that would foil even our destructive divas, please share. (Urls greatly appreciated!) Or, if you've got a buyer-beware tip about a gate that didn't work for you, could you share that as well? I found this one online that has a tiny kitty gate (have I mentioned that Heavy Z has gained a few pounds and can't jump over the gate any longer. Sigh...) Anyone had any success with this type of gate? Don't bother saying that we should just suck it up and teach them not to touch anything that's off limits. I have an extremely limited amount of sanity and need to save it for the big battles. The ones that really matter. Like "For the love of Mike, you are NOT allowed to flush your sister's poop or she will scream the unholy scream!" or "No you are not allowed to go outside in 30-degree weather when you are buck naked!" or "No we're not going to have cookies for breakfast." (Ok, that last one was a big lie. I was just pretending that I'm one of those health-conscious parents. The truth is that I have cookies for breakfast all the time and the real house rule is that if you bust the parent who's sneaking cookies then you get cookies too.)