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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It almost got me!

One of the little plastic refrigerator drawer guides fell out today. So I nonchalantly pulled the drawer all the way out to try and fix it, and THIS horror plopped out on my left foot. (I'm hiding the picture behind a link because it is truly disgusting. Trust me on this one.) The girls probably still don't know why I screamed and said the really bad words that are reserved for true times of crisis and herded them out of the kitchen before they could even draw a breath. Or why I freakishly opened all of the doors and windows in 40-degree weather. I shudder to think that this hideous creature (I swear it was alive) has been living in our fridge, lurking behind the drawer in the dark there like Gollum, since September! (Yes I date all of our leftovers.) I'm going to call Poison Control and ask if we've all been poisoned by breathing the same air as that thing. I'm not even kidding.