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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Busted by the two-year-olds (again)

Three posts in one day? Are pigs flying past the window?! Probably not, although it's possible that our bag of mystery fungus has sprouted wings. But it has been a funny day and I had to share. Was just talking to Catherine on the phone, all giggly and amped up because she is coming to visit tomorrow (!), when the girls suddenly descended on the office like tiny tasmanian devils. They swirled, twittered, laughed, and said "high-yo" to Catherine then abruptly fell silent. What on earth could quiet our dynamic duo? Oops, it was the sight of the chocolate chip bag I had been sneaking hits from. My bad. Guess which two-year olds got to go to bed stuffed to the gills with chocolate chips? Busted by the two-year olds (again)After Ree gleefully crammed her mouth with chocolate chips, by the way, she inexplicably ran into the kitchen saying "I take peesher yo!" (I take a picture of you). Here's the picture she took with my little purse camera. Do you think she has blackmail on the mind or something?