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Monday, February 11, 2008

I wonder how the writers' strike has affected blogging?

Betcha a nickel there's been a huge spike in blog posts since it started. TubaDad and I took the girls to the park and for once I brought the "big" camera. It was fun to play around with the massive zoom lens while the girls were sprinting here and there. Might bring it more often. Here's Ree doing her signature "Jumpin' for Joy" move: And here's Ree again (thanks for pointing out I had the girls mixed up in this photo Linda!). I can just picture her thinking, "Yeah, I'm cool." Both girls beg for their "suh-gasses" (sunglasses) and then push them up on their forehead in imitation of TubaDad's glasses-on-the-top-of-the-hat maneuver. And this one might go up on the "wall of frame" just for the bellylicious goodness alone. They were at the top of the slide, with Ree hanging from the top bar and Ro seated alongside (now in the black glasses, which I guess she snatched from her sister to confuse us). It took all my self control not to climb up there and smother them with kisses: Fun stuff.