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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An interesting little glimpse into their worlds

Finally got around to downloading the recent pics from the girls' little VTech cameras, and the snapshots they took made me grin. There were plenty of blurred out and flashed out pics (which I won't subject you to), but some of them were pretty cool. I know it's probably boring to everyone else, but I really like seeing what the girls think is picture-worthy. Ree's pics: Sister Rozie isn't supposed to be touching thisRee tends to be quieter about her photography most of the time. It's obvious when she's taking a picture of one of us, but other than that I'll only dimly register that I heard her camera chime on and off and will never really know what she was doing. Perfect evidence of this would be this surprise picture she took of Ro playing with a forbidden electrical outlet. Yikes! Not sure where TubaDad and I were, but this is a huge No No. Here are the rest of her pics, including the water heater in the garage, which is a puzzler... By the way, the last picture was taken tonight. I heard the camera go off (I was in the other room and TubaDad was in charge) and yelled to ask what she was doing. She replied matter-of-factly "I take peesher Ro's poopy baw-wah" (I take picture of Ro's poopy bottom). And, well, apparently that's exactly what she did. Ro's pics: My sister's handRo hasn't been quite as prolific as her sister this time around, and we also lost her camera in the family-room rubble for a few days, but she did get some good ones. Check them out here if you're curious. I think my fave is this one of her sister's hand in the kitchen. Oh, and there's a mystery one (#4) that I can't figure out. What the heck is that thing and where was she when she took that pic? Odd. Funny girls.