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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy chocolate day!

Woke up this morning and snuggled in bed for an hour or so while the girls gleefully ripped open all of the Valentine's Day cards we had been saving. Joy joy stickers joy chocolate and more joy.

Ree in purple, Ro in white and pink

Snapped a quick picture of the sweet, sweet girls on the way to their preschool Valentine's Day party (which I think the girls will forever remember for the incredible abundance of SUGAR!). That's my box of chocolates they're clutching, by the way. Mine, all mine!!

Ree in black tights, Ro in white tights

And then when we came home they got to arrange their flowers from Daddy. True to their personalities, Ree grabbed huge handfuls and rammed them into the vase while Ro studied every single bloom, carefully removed each leaf, then meticulously placed them just so.

Ree left, Ro right, but you knew that already, didn't you?

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

PS: We're finally getting around to watching the "Hollywood Week" American Idol shows from earlier this week and I have a burning question: what the heck is up with all those blue tongues?! I've noticed it on 3 or 4 singers so far, one of them is Carly Smithson.