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Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing should surprise me by now, should it?

Little Ree woke up first from nap today and matter-of-factly shared that she knew her last name. I thought she was kidding (or didn't really know what it meant), but when I laughed it off and tickled her she said (quite clearly and correctly) "Ree, Ree Xxxx!" Oh. Well ok then. I guess they're teaching them a thing or two at preschool... The kicker though was when Ro woke up and I asked them both what their last names were and Ree repeated "Xxxx!" and Ro grinned and said "Um, Posy!" Bwah ha ha! Rosy Posy, yeah I guess we've said that a time or two. They just kill me. While I was still snickering a little over that one, Ro said she had to poop. (I'm sure there's a more delicate way to put that but I'm living dangerously just daring to type this while they're awake and roaming and don't have time to pretty it up.) In any case, I was hanging out in the girls' bathroom helping Ro when I heard the guest-room toilet flush. Told Ro not to move a muscle and went tearing in there to find that Ree had taken off her diaper and pants, climbed up on the little step stool, used the facilities, flushed, and was in the process of trying to replace her diaper. It was a little messy in there, as you might imagine, but she was so proud she nearly popped, and that's all that matters. Clearly I've been holding them back on this whole potty-training thing and need to rethink our current strategy. Can't wait to see what they teach me tomorrow...