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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The things they say

Told the girls it was time to come inside and take a nap and Ro threw her little hand in the air and said "Ten mints, mama, I wont ten mints." (Ten minutes, mama, I want ten minutes) ??? I was so surprised I actually said ok. Dang funny girls. They're asleep now so I have a few minutes to post and thought I'd share two fave pics from late yesterday. My mom snapped this one during one of the BEST times of the day, the post-nap snuggle. Chillin' with my girls And here's another photographic smile: TubaDad and the girls are intensely concentrating on blowing bubbles. (Ro is on the left) Blowing bubbles with Daddy PS: In the questions post, Ladybug Journals asked how many pictures I take per day. And the answer is that it varies massively. Sometimes I'll go days without taking a single one (usually when I'm so exhausted that I'm barely keeping up with the twincesses), and then sometimes I'll take zillions in one day. Fifteen pics is probably a pretty average day. Yesterday was a huge day, I took almost two hundred. Yikes. I delete a lot, but even so TubaDad jokes (at least I think he's joking) that the next step is to get me a file server. PSPS: Updated the sidebar Random Question and added a few pics (including Ree's doll -- thank goodness) to the previous post.