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Monday, February 25, 2008

Knocking on wood while throwing salt over my shoulder (*updated)

Cringing as I type this -- the very act of writing these words is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY going to jinx us. Nevertheless, here is our earthshattering news: One girl has now gone SIX days without a poopy diaper and the other has only had two minor naptime accidents in the last six days. I don't mean that they're stopped up (hahahaha, never my girls), but that they are consistently using the toilet for, uh, #2. And they're now wearing "poo-ups" (not a pun, merely how they pronounce PuII-Ups) all day long. Squeal!!! This probably doesn't even sound newsworthy to normal folks, but fellow parents of kiddos with Toddler Diarrhea can understand the sink-to-your-knees joy I am feeling right now. It is amazing.

The girls are in love with PuII-Ups, by the way. The ones we're using right now have Disney princesses on them, and -- get this -- Ro calls the blonde one in the middle "Seeping Booty." Hee! Makes me laugh every time.

Oh, and that doll in the picture? It's Ro's new babydoll. The girls each picked out a doll on the internet and Ro's arrived today. Only a complete idiot would give one two-year old her new doll and attempt to explain to the other two-year old that her doll was "in the mail," right? Yeah... won't make that mistake again... I blame the potty-training euphoria for my temporary insanity. Now please join me in a fervent prayer that the UPS man shows up tomorrow morning with Ree's doll, and if you feel like knocking on wood that probably wouldn't hurt either.

Did you hear my sigh of relief?!*Updated on 2/26: Yessssssssssssss! All is right with the world now. Ree's babydoll was delivered and is ready and waiting for her new little Mama to wake up from naptime. Whew. Might as well throw in a few pics from this morning while I'm at it (seeing as how both my mother and Kristie complained that this post only had one lousy picture of a babydoll. Hee!) View them all on one page or in a slideshow.