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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


First, the good-sport award goes to Maggie, who willingly subjected herself to Chuck E Cheese for the girls on Sunday night, and then showed up again on Monday to trek to the zoo with us. And last we saw her she was still smiling. The girls' first visit to the zoo was a huge success. They got to see "ellie-fance" for the first time -- here they are waiting anxiously for the mammoth pachyderms to make an appearance that morning. Their gleeful faces were priceless: They got to see lions, and tigers, and bears too. And "shimps" (chimps). Ree thought (pretty astutely in my opinion) that one of the chimps was sad. And if you ask her about the zoo visit, that's the first thing she'll tell you. She was pretty concerned about it. That's all for now, sorry for the laconic post, but I wanted to at least share that little video smile and a few pics. Now TubaDad is chomping at the bit to watch American Idol so I've gotta run!