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Friday, February 22, 2008

The family that chews together stays together

I've suddenly started chewing gum again. Don't know why -- it's been a year or more since I touched the stuff. But this past week I can't get enough. And the girls are obsessed with it. They want to look in my mouth, see the gum, smell it, and (dare I admit this in public?), chew it too. Not their own pieces. Oh no, that would barely merit mentioning. They want to chew MY gum. The pre-chewed stuff. And I LET THEM. For a few seconds before tossing it in the trash. (collective gasp of horror.) I know, I know. My only excuse is that it makes them laugh that delicious toddler belly laugh. There, I've admitted my dark little secret. Anyone else do anything to guarantee they never get the Parent of the Year award either?
Can I redeem myself by posting a few random pics that have absolutely nothing to do with this post, but are pretty dang cute, if you ask me, which admittedly no one did? I especially like the first one of Ree doing her football running-back impression (was trying to learn panning with the new camera) and the third-to-last one of the girls in their delightful pre-easter-photo pigtails.