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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can we go back next week?

Woke up this morning in our own beds, and I think we were all a little bummed. The quickie road-trip to Disneyland was truly fabulous and packed with fun from beginning to end. We took everything at toddler speed, and amazingly made it through without a single meltdown (even me!). We did all of the typical Mouseland stuff, but in the interest of speed (my mom is fighting a losing battle to keep the girls out of the computer room right now), I'll skip the long drawn-out stories in favor of a few quotable quotes then get to the pictures:
  • The girls were huge fans of hard-core roadtrip food. Halfway to our destination I actually thought "Hey we've given them all of the major food groups now. Peanut M&Ms are protein. Nacho Cheese Doritos count for carbohydrates. And Corn Nuts must be a vegetable of some sort!"
  • As Ree was waking up from her nap on the drive down to LA she inexplicably screamed "Where my dancing hat?!!!" and then sat there blinking in a puzzled fashion while TubaDad and I burst out laughing.
  • In the middle of a packed Disneyland restaurant, and in an attempt to explain to our friends how heroic he was in driving the last couple of hours without stopping, TubaDad exclaimed "When I got to the hotel I PEED FOR A MINUTE AND FIVE SECONDS!!!" Unfortunately it was one of those odd moments when there is a sudden lull in noise, and I swear that people for miles around heard him.
  • "No, no more french fries for you girls, they're not good for you. Eat your bacon." (Self explanatory, sadly. And I can't quite believe those words came out of my mouth.)
  • "There, now you each have your own spit cup." (It made sense at the time. Really! You see, the restaurant gave them lollipops with bubblegum in the center and I wanted them to spit it out after chewing instead of swallowing it...)
And now, at long last, here are the promised photos. Sixty six in all (yikes, sorry, I couldn't narrow them down any more). If you've got some serious time to kill (or if you're related to us, haha) then view the slideshow (click "i" to turn on captions). Or just pick and choose by clicking on any of the images on this page of tiny thumbnails. A few faves: S2, Ree, H2, and Ro became instant best friends. Could this BE any cuter? Warmed my heart (S2, Ree, H2, Ro) Ro (left) and Ree, hanging out on the cable car in Toon Town: Sweet girlies enjoying toon town Ro fell asleep on the potty (no joke), so Ree got to enjoy some alone time with her lollipop: Ro fell asleep first, so Ree got in a few secret lollipop licks Ro leaps for joy in the water area: Ro leaps for joy They wouldn't let go of poor ole' Mickey! Kept hugging him and kissing him on the nose. Over and over... We finally had to carry them away and bribe them with candy (yes we are stellar parents): The girls didn't want to let go of Mickey Wish we could have magically squeezed in more time to visit with our favorite locals, but we were lucky enough to spend a little quality time with fellow travelers Family D; Savannah and her peeps; Island Boy and family; and twin family D, K2, H2, and S2 (scroll down a little and check out the photo D got with all four of us actually looking at the camera. Wow, dude's got talent.). Alrighty, off to rescue my poor mom. Cheers!