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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ro tries her hand at song-writing

While getting into her jammies tonight, Ro made up this catchy little ditty, which she sang* to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine": Peez don't take my die-poh (diaper) away... Peez don't take my poo-up (puII-up) away... Then she gleefully pumped her pudgy little fists in the air and ran around the room like a crazy person while Ree and I looked at each other and shrieked with laughter. Dang, these kids crack me up. A couple of other funnies: TubaDad and I are sitting on the couch watching American Idol while pecking away on our respective laptops (come on, we're not the only people who do that, right?). Anyhow, he just emailed me this pic he took with his cell phone at Disneyland. It was wryly titled "Paparazzi," heh: And here's a funny portrait that Ree snapped today while her sister was mashing her face into my office chair. I know, I know, I'm a hopelessly biased mama, but I think it's wicked cool: * Anyone who has heard our kids "sing" will know that I use the term loosely. My little bro Bobby and I heartily embrace the philosophy that what you lack in vocal quality, you can make up for in volume. And apparently Ro and Ree are following in our footsteps.

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