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Monday, March 31, 2008

It seemed like a good idea at the time

I've been putting off this blog post because I couldn't figure out how to tell the story without sounding like an idiot. But you know what? I was an idiot, there's no way around it, and my girls might enjoy taunting me with reading the story when they're older. So here it is: My baby girls had their first-ever school field trip last week -- a short nature walk that culminated in kite flying. Did I behave with decorum and composure? Did I jauntily wave goodbye and then wait until pick-up time to hear about their grand adventure. Did I act like all of the other sane parents? Sadly, no. Instead, I decided that we needed just one picture to commemorate the event. Sneaked back to the school and parked on a nearby residential street in our massive blue conspicuous-as-hell minivan, holding the biggest zoomiest lens I own, while wondering if a concerned neighbor was dialing the police at that very moment to report that there was a suspicious lady sprawled inside a van holding a very large camera and pointing it at the preschool. Then it got worse. (Ah yes, how could it not?) I was nervous and kinda sweaty, but thrilled to see the little class come marching out of the school and head out on their journey. I had a pretty good view from the passenger seat, and was (pretty) sure I saw at least one of the girls. Snapped a few pics when suddenly I had the bad-veryvery-bad feeling that they were coming my way. Ahhhhh! Yes, instead of going down the main street as planned, the group had just turned down the tiny street where I was parked and was heading right for me. #$%@!!! What to do, what to do -- sit there and be caught (oh the shame) or bolt and probably be seen fleeing (oh the embarrassment). I made a split-second decision, threw the camera on the floor, vaulted over the console, and drove outta there with my heart pounding and my tail tucked between my legs. Gah!!! No idea if the teachers saw me or not and I'm not bringing it up if they don't. By the way: My mom's reaction when I called to report what I had done (after she finished laughing hysterically at me and could breathe again): "Well I'm glad you're not calling me from jail. Now then, did you at least get a good picture?" Um, no. One of the girls peeks out on her way to the field trip Ree charges out on her first field trip A stellar shot of Ro (behind the girl in stripes) PS: Never again. Never ever ever. No need to flame me in the comments section, I have reformed and am turning in my Deranged Mamarazzi card.