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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A banner day

Big big day in the salsa house. The girls and I jumped in the van, went to the park, played around, then drove home, and ALL of us were wearing underwear the entire time. Yep, truly a big 'ole deal, and one that was wildly celebrated with cookies all around. (Girl Scouts Trefoils cookies, to be precise, because someone rudely ate all of the Thin Mints yesterday without sharing.)(Yeah, yeah, it was me.) Anyhow, back to the big event... I have to admit it wasn't my idea. Actually I tried to discourage it and offered puII-ups at least 5 times before we left the house. But the girls were adamant. So away we went, Huggies-free for the first time in 17 months. (!!!) I was a little uneasy but figured the worst thing that could happen was I'd have to sprint to the car carrying 60-plus pounds of dripping wet munchkins. Eh... So off we went, and whahooooey they made it work. Still had the telefoto lens on the camera from my stalking incident (thank you for all the awesome tips and encouragement, by the way, I am going to be invincible next time!), so here are a few close-ups of the triumphantly-dry toddlers: Ro smirks a little Ro wants to know where her cookie is Kinda blurry, but love the Ree smile Ree cracks herself up (Can you tell who's who? Mouseover the pics to see the names.)