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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Making the most of every minute

I worry sometimes that the girls don't get to do as much fun stuff as other single kids. I try not to let the twin thing stop me, but the truth is that sometimes I'm just too tired, and sometimes the plain old logistics of prepping and wrangling two kiddos scares me away from certain activities. The last couple of days, though, I've been a regular Miss Braveheart and took them EVERYWHERE. Haircuts, hiking, taco scarfing -- you name it, we did it.

Yesterday was really a big day, and the girls were angels. Couldn't have asked for better behavior, and it spurred me to do more and more. A peek at the day:

7am: Snuggling and breakfast part 1 (warm milk) in mama and daddy's bed
8am: BobBob comes over to play (dual squeals)
10am: Romp with little friend G at the Discovery museum and then have an outdoor picnic (the girls run about 4 miles)
1ish: Ro is practically falling over in her tracks. She begs to go upstairs for sleepytime and nods off without another peep. Ree, on the other hand, plays in her room, sings, reads books, and generally does anything but nap. Then suddenly she keels over in her fuzzy chair and does this and this:

Video Camera: Ree at 2pm Video Camera: Ree at 2:15pm

3:30pm: Go on a wild drive through the hills to try to find some sheep (we do!!)
4pm: Hike (er, actually run erratically) on a local trail. Pick up about 800 acorns, lie in the grass, scale boulders. Set the camera on the ground, flip on the unpredictable self timer, and get this:
Self timer picture (set the camera on the ground and crossed my fingers)

5pm: Go shopping for Easter baskets for our upcoming toddler easter egg hunt. The girls hem and haw over color selection and try to grab as much candy as possible and hide it in their baskets.
5:40pm: Risk disaster by daring to grab a bite to eat at a local taco place.
6:15pm: Drive home and get a call from TubaDad asking where the heck we are. Oops, probably the first time ever that "Daddy beat us home!"
6:30pm: Play ecstatically in every room in the house (the child gates are gone)(yes gone) until bedtime
8:15pm: TubaDad and I grab the king-size bag of M&Ms (which he is forbidden to ever bring into this house again) and collapse on the couch.

Note: These pics are from the last few days. If you look carefully at the last day, you'll notice that Ree has on stripey pants before nap, and jeans after. Why? Well the little minx apparently took off her pants, removed her puII-up, then replaced her pants at some point during naptime. I didn't discover it until about a half hour after she woke up when she said enigmatically "Pants wet." Gee, really?