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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Santa shmanta

We had our first sighting of the Easter Bunny at a local mall today and the girls emphatically said they wanted to sit on his lap. Well whaddya know, they weren't kidding:


We couldn't get them to sit on Santa's lap for all the chocolate in the world. But the Easter Bunny (a huge furry mute beast in a pink bowtie), well apparently he's top dog in the toddler world. Go figure.

Funny aside: On the way to the mall TubaDad asked Ree what a pig does -- kind of expecting an answer of the oinkoink variety -- and she pursed her little lips and said "Um... poop gound!" (poop on the ground). Bwah ha! Another aside: That's a digital frame and matte on the bunny pic. Kinda cool I think. I found a neat way in Photoshop to automatically create it.