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Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Oh my gawd, you have TWO sets of twins??!!"

That was my favorite quote of the day. It was uttered by a slightly horrified looking lady at the Children's Museum who got the mistaken impression that Ro, Ree, Michal, and Kenna were all my children. Heh! It was an absolute pleasure to hang out with the visiting Kristi and her sweet girls this morning. The kiddos made pretend pizza and delivered it (Ree and then Michal were apparently the designated drivers), whipped up creative "sand cakes" at the sand table, and ran so fast that my wimpy purse-camera just couldn't keep up. Well to be honest it was that plus the fact that I was having too dang much fun talking with Kristi to stop and whip out the camera. Here are the few pics I managed to get (my mom took the last one): (Ro's top has the wide pink band at the bottom while Ree's has the brown band, and Michal is wearing the blue jacket with Kenna in green.) PS: Just for fun, here's what the four girls all looked like when they met almost a year ago. Man, what a difference a year makes. I don't mean to sound cliche, but I swear they are growing up SO FAST. It makes my head spin.