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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eyes, ears, and throats

Looooooooong day. The girls are finally in bed and not a moment too soon. They caught some weird-ass virus this weekend -- ended up with vampirish red eyes, mild fevers, sore throats, and slight ear infections in their left ears. Great, just great. We skipped preschool on Monday and whooped it up at the doctor's office instead. Ree steadily improved and was pretty much better by Tuesday (her immune system kicked the virus on her own) but Ro kept going downhill so we started her on eyedrops and antibiotics today and (almost as an afterthought) asked Ree if she wanted to go to preschool all by herself since Ro was going to stay home sick. She nodded vigorously and instantly said "yes!" Wait, what? No way. I figured she must have misunderstood the question and rephrased it about 3 times, each time with an enthusiastically affirmative answer. Ree was pretty excited to go to school by herselfOkey dokey... So both girls got a special morning -- Ree went to school all by herself for the first time (in the clothes she picked out) and Ro got to stay home and get mama's undivided attention for a few hours. Win-win in their books. Hopefully Ro will be feeling a little better tomorrow. Her toddler emotions raged wild today -- laughing one minute and wailing the next. I know it was because she was feeling so crappy, but man! And it will start all over again in (oh let me check) 9 joyous hours... Alright, to end on a better note, and because I really need a strong dose of cute, here are some previously unseen pics from April that "never made the cut" on the blog. I really like #12 where Ro pitched a fit because she had eaten all of her creampuff and then empathetic Ree offered some of hers. I like #13 too, because it is so typical of Ree -- she steals my reading glasses every chance she gets and then runs up to me and says "I cute!" Yes baby you are. Number 21 cracks me up too, Ree was sitting in timeout "thinking" about why you shouldn't kick mama and refuse to get dressed, and sweet Ro was so distressed about it that she went and got Ree's pants and tried to put them on her. (view all of the tiny clickable thumbnails at once, or watch the slideshow (click "i" to turn on captions)) 'Night everyone...