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Monday, April 14, 2008

More sunscreen!

It was a scorcher this weekend -- with freakishly awesome 90-degree weather -- so we dug some shorts out of the closet, slathered sunscreen on our pale winter limbs, and cavorted at Gilroy Gardens till we could cavort no more. A few highlights: As we were all walking into the park, cousin W grabbed ahold of Ro and Ree and yelled "Look, mommy, I got TWO girls!!" Snort! Unbelievably cute. This picture and quote might be my all-time favorite. It is certainly going to show up in all of their wedding slideshows and who knows where else. (Ro is in the tuba tee, and Ree is in the AB/CD one) Ro and Ree thought all of the rides were awesome (more toddler rides than we could do in a day, and absolutely no lines!), but then again they're not very hard to please -- they even had fun in the parking lot. Look daddy, there's one ride we haven't gone on yet! Ro was pointing at the hot air balloon ride, which they can only ride with TubaDad since I'm a huge queasy wimp. While waiting for their sensible lunch to be delivered, the four kiddos discovered this mouth-watering little freezer (conveniently placed at eye-level) and lobbied their hardest for popsicles instead of pasta: Tuckered out and snoring almost before we turned on the car: They took one of the longest naps ever (while poor TubaDad kept driving and driving and driving), then woke up to joy-in-a-cup: chocolate milkshakes!
Ah, it doesn't get much better than playing in the sunshine with family and then sucking down some cold chocolatey goodness (which, contrary to urban legend, really does contain milk with lactose, oops). So, what's your favorite treat on a hot day? And can anyone join us on the next trek to Gilroy Gardens? It's super fun, and we'll even spring for the popsicles...