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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spending a lot of time down on the farm (and anywhere but home)

Been spending a lot of time alone with the girls lately (TubaDad's been business tripping and my mom's been traveling every day except Tuesday). And I love the girls to pieces, obviously, but it is exhausting. The only way to survive single parenthood with the twins is to keep moving. Seriously. Yesterday we played outside in the morning, the girls had a couple hours of preschool-blessed-preschool (not the name of the school, just how I lovingly refer to it), they had a stunningly short nap while I tried in vain to catch up on laundry, we went for a ride, went to the farm (again) and fed the chickens illicit cheerios (you're not allowed to feed the animals, but the wily poultry has us pegged for law breakers and now comes right up to the car when we pull in the parking lot), went out to dinner (the girls were so good they got "chock-it" pie for dessert), then went shopping at Target where the girls each got to pick out a book (Ree chatted the entire time about how Ro got to pick out her OWN book this time.) All that and STILL had an hour to kill before bedtime. I think I whimpered a little when I saw the clock... Oh well, the girls are having a good time and the house is still standing (for the most part), and I'm sure my run-over-by-a-truck feeling will go away with some good sleep this weekend. One really fun thing was that on Tuesday good friend Michelle (Searching for Sophie) was in town and sort of spearheaded a little blog-mama get together. She even graciously offered to drive down to our neck of the woods (bless her!) with rockin' sister Lisa (The Smith Family's Adventures). So the girls and I got to spend the whole morning at the Emma Prusch farm hanging out with friends. Here's a pic of the mamas and mamas-to-be all smiling for the camera (Back row Stacey, Michelle, Kayce, front row Lisa, me, Donna). And here's a pic of the Girl Power Gang looking everywhere but at the camera. Dang, my photography skills are just stunning, aren't they? Heh heh. (L to R: Ro, Ree, Maddy, Ryleigh, Grace, Gwen -- all wearing necklaces designed by Michelle.) My folks, Michelle & Lisa's dad, and Stacey's mom and husband (along with son Austin) were all there too, so I think the grownups might have actually outnumbered the kiddos -- always a good formula. A few more pics, taken with the tiny purse camera: Ro hucked food right at this poor duck. I think my dad was trying to intervene in this pic. This goose scared the crap out of me (hissed like it was possessed and I swear he/she was contemplating pecking my eyes out). Ree (in purple) claimed she "really iked dat piggie" although you certainly wouldn't get that impression by looking at her face here. Well now this doesn't look safe at all! (I think my mom took this picture when I wasn't looking). Can you believe their three tiny little butts all fit into this tractor seat? Although Ryleigh is probably thinking she'd like the girls to move the heck over and give her a smidge more room. (Ree is on the left, btw) Fun time. Looking forward to doing it again soon (and to getting a LOT of sleep tonight). *Notes: Beautiful picture of the mamas was taken by Stacey's husband Mark. Stacey and Donna have password-protected blogs, so no links, but they did say it was ok to post these pictures.