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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Prescription for a bad mood

Had a maddeningly frustrating experience while picking up takeout at a local taco joint this evening and fumed and muttered all the way home. I was still ticked-off pulling into the garage when I caught sight of this little sweetheart excitedly peeking out at me from the kitty door: Ro heard my car and ran to greet me Ha!!! Bad mood -- gone. ~~~ The girls went to a costume birthday party today for a little friend who lives up the street and were thrilled to don their Halloween outfits again. Here's a little October vs. April snapshot of Ree the Bee and Rosy the Posy. I can't believe how much they've grown in 5 months (or how much the new D300 camera kicks butt over the old D70 one). Check out their heads in relation to the cupboard knobs and the length of Ro's flower hem in relation to her knees/legs. (Ree pulled her pants up to the knees this time for some stylish reason known only to her, so you can't really go by that.)