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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I don't ike dat stinky cow!

We love driving this old tractor!Spent a few hours this morning at a local farm that's open to the public and the girls just had a ball. They couldn't believe that real-live poultry was roaming around willy nilly, and were absolutely thrilled to experience farmlife, talk to all the animals, pretend to drive big 'ole tractors, and have a picnic where chickens snapped up anything that got dropped. I don't ike dat stinky cow Rosie!!The only thing they didn't enthusiastically embrace was the poor little cow. Ree held her nose and refused to set foot inside the barn saying "I no ike dat stinky cow Rosie" while Ro gamely walked up to the fence and stared him down saying "I ike him, yeah I ike him. But not yot, just tiny bit.*" I never noticed how they hold their arms when they're excitedI never noticed before that when the girls are really excited Ro clasps her tiny hands on her belly and Ree clasps them behind her back. They were doing it in about 20 of the pictures at various times. Funny! Neat time. We'll definitely go again. Here are the rest of the farm pics, with a few zoom photos of the girls' favorite things at the end. I wasn't trying to be particularly artsy or anything, just testing out the telephoto lens to see if it survived being dropped (oops!). Anyhow, I kinda liked the way they came out. (View thumbnails, detail view, or slideshow). Ree's in the walrus tee, and Ro is in the AB/CD one.) (* Translation: "I like him, yeah I like him, but not a lot just a tiny bit.")