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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shake it up baby

One of my favorite childhood memories is making chocolate milkshakes with my dad. He'd claim he was doing it for little bro Bobby and me, but even way back then I knew he loved them as much or maybe even more than we did. Good times. So when TubaDad came home tonight and whispered that maybe we should make shakes with the girls to celebrate their good behavior in preschool today (no time outs!) I jumped at the idea. The girls were stunned into silence for about 2 seconds, then let out war whoops you could probably hear for blocks. Here they are giggling, dancing, hollering, and generally enjoying the heck out of their first milkshake-making experience: Well dad, they were pretty tasty shakes, but not quite as good as those circa 1970s shakes you whipped up with surprisingly regularity. I know you weren't constrained by lactose-free milk and icecream, and you preferred the powdered Quik version of chocolate. But I think we did you proud. We're certainly willing to keep on trying until we reach excellence! PS: Ree has white sleeves and Ro has red ones. And what was up with that American Idol result tonight?!! Boooooo.