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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun with food (as usual)

I ordered some cool, cheap bento box stuff from this site and the kids (and I) have been having a ball with it. Pictured below are a few of the dollar items that have been making us grin, including heart/star/bear rice ball molds, silicone animal cups, bear bento boxes*, and food spears (so far we've speared grapes, edamame, watermelon, and peas -- ooo the fun). Ro and Ree think almost any old food is "peh-shull" (special) when it's molded into a cute shape, stacked in a fun squishy cup, or speared with a cute little pick. I'll get more creative next time, but in the meantime, here was tonight's quickie dinner, prepared in about 4 minutes since I procrastinated wayyyyyy too long. Clockwise from the top: rice shapes with peas for eyes, dipping sauce of low-sodium soy sauce, edamame, leftover porkchop slices, and raspberries. Making the rice shapes was super simple -- I took rice that had been cooked in the microwave cooker, mashed spoonfuls into the molds, squeezed down the lids, and popped them onto the plates. That was it! It's probably supposed to be a tad more involved, but all of the directions were in Japanese, so I winged it. Oh well, the girls didn't seem to mind at all. I'll google some real instructions/recipes for next time (maybe). Or if anyone has any bento tips or ideas, please please share them! The girls were extra hungry today. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the fact that they expended an extraordinary amount of energy playing some kind of acrobatic-leaping-tumbling game with my dad. Not sure what it was, but clearly BobBob has fast reflexes. * Note: If you buy an animal bento box, like the bear one above, be sure to also buy a little stretchy lunch-box belt to keep it closed.