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Friday, April 25, 2008

Think pink and throw in some mermaids

The girls are still sleeping in separate rooms, and still loving it, so it's starting to look like this arrangement might not be temporary. With that in mind, I decided to do a quick fix to both rooms. I wanted to make Ro's room look a little less like TubaDad's music room and a little more like a kid's room. And I wanted to "girlie up" Ree's room since we originally made a green and orange gender-neutral nursery that would work for a boy or a girl. The girls are fickle though (as all toddlers are), so everything needed to work together in case they suddenly decided to share a room again. Anyhow, a splash of pink and a few mermaids later, and both girls are swimmingly happy. The two rooms aren't perfect, but oh my gosh they're better than they were. Ro's room is on the left, and Ree's is on the right: By the way, I'm pretty sure both rooms are painted the same color, it's just the sunlight or something that makes them look different in these pictures. You'd think I'd know for sure, wouldn't you?! Heh. Oh well, I'll check it out when the girls get up from nap. Here are a few more close-up pics in case anyone's curious. The new bedding is by Olive Kids (I found it online at Target and got a smokin' good deal). Oh and I should add that yes the pictures in Ro's room are VERY crooked. I hung them when TubaDad was out of town and now the poor guy has another fix-it project. And I got a mermaid rug for Ree's room and a plush mermaid pillow for Ro's room, thinking that they'd be happy to have similar but individual stuff. (smacking myself in the forehead yet again) What really happens is that Ro drags the rug into her room when Ree isn't looking and then Ree sneaks in and steals the pillow and drags the rug back to her room. Nice... * If you don't know the story of why they're in separate rooms, it's the third question answered here.