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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The littlest things make them happy

We had a rare free day today and told the girls they could pick what we'd do. "Sky's the limit," we said, "anything you want!" Their choice: stay in their jammies all morning and bake cookies that were "hooodge, big my head!!" (huge, as big as my head). Fine with us! TubaDad has pretty much perfected the art of baking with them -- he slaps down two bowls, hands out identical spoons (heaven help the person who hands out two different kinds), and does some kind of instant mental math to divide any recipe in two. The girls love it. They know how to crack eggs by themselves now, can actually keep the ingredients in the bowl at least half the time, and have really honed their batter-sneaking skills. I loved it today when they got cookie dough on their jammies and Ree grinned and yelled "Dat OK, I a kid!" (I always tell them it's ok to get messy because they're kids and it's what kids do), I loved it when TubaDad cleaned them up and said "ok, no more licks" and then they waited until he turned his back and gleefully plunged their fingers right back into the batter, and I loved it when they said they were hot and shucked off their jammies to finish baking in the buff. The cookies turned out pretty good, but I guess that didn't really matter. We got to hang out in our PJs and didn't have a single place we needed to be all day. And we got to eat cookie dough. That's a pretty good day in my book. PS: Ro is the one with the band-aid on her finger -- it's covering the holes where she stuck a diaper pin completely through it.