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Friday, April 18, 2008

We'll see how it goes today... (*updated)

I'll be picking the girls up from preschool in a little while and maybe, just maybe, they will have listened to their teachers today and not harmed anything or each other. We've really been practicing good listening. I figure I can win one big battle at a time. And for now, that battle is listening (and actually responding) when a grown-up asks you to please do xyz -- rather than, say, ignoring them and continuing to play "kick-your-sister's-head," taking your clothes off and running away from the teacher while scream-laughing, or closing the bathroom door on your mama and trying to stand on the back of the potty while your now-hysterical sister is trying to poop in it. In case they didn't listen at school though, I had a contingency plan: I put their hair up in adorable "please don't be mad at me" pigtails. Heh. I'll post an update when/if they take a nap. * Update at 2pm: Well the pigtails and halos were a little askew when I picked the girls up, but they were still there, and that's what counts. ;-) They didn't hurt each other or any literary works today, but their shoes (all 4 of them) had been banished to the top of the bookshelf because they didn't listen to the teacher's requests to keep them on. Definitely an improvement, and in fact I'm calling it a successful day (lord knows there'll be plenty of days in the future that can't be called successful by any stretch of imagination, so I'll take it!). Ro left, Ree rightThe girls are fully aware of how they're supposed to behave, by the way. I snapped this picture just before the drive home. Ree had just cracked herself up by saying "I issen, eeedle bit, not much doe" (I listened, a little bit, not much though) and Ro replied "I not issen much ee-der" (I not listen much either). Then they both crinkled up their noses and grinned at me kind of sideways. Oh yeah...