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Sunday, April 20, 2008

They closed the park down

There's this tiny little carousel at Gilroy Gardens that the girls are in love with. And late this afternoon there were only one or two other kids who wanted to ride it. So TubaDad and I secretly decided to let the girls ride as many times as they wanted. We thought they'd go about three or four times at most. Ha. One day we will stop being so naive.
After each ride we'd say "Are you done yet or do you want to pick another horse?" It was kind of amusing at first, but after about four times we got tired of waving. The sixth time we wearily leaned against the rock wall. And still they kept going...until the ride operator apologized that the park was closing and reluctantly told the girls it was their final ride. I think she was silently cheering them on and wondering how many times they would go too. Any guesses on how many times our dizzy little riders saddled up before they were dragged from their horses?